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A Day With An Average Republican.

Gary U.S. Republican. When I was a kid, someone asked me what religion I was. I replied, “public.” In the good old days growing up in that horrible armpit called Philadelphia, I thought there were two religions – Catholic, and … Continue reading

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The Sad Truth About Trump’s Success

History is in the making as we’re experiencing the strangest political behavior ever recorded. The man has zero real political experience, and more importantly, even less experience (or common sense) in foreign policy. Yet, no single newspaper, radio commentator, or conservative … Continue reading

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They’re Still Killing the Electric Car.

I’ve wondered why every single hybrid or fully-electric vehicle except the Tesla is hideously ugly. Think about it. Toyota’s Prius. Nissan’s Leaf. Chevy’s Volt or Bolt. BMW’s i3. Ford’s C-Max. I had never heard of a C-Max until someone from General … Continue reading

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All Children Left Behind

American education isn’t just bad – it’s figuratively, literally, statistically, comparatively, politically, and unfortunately at times, criminally bad. The 39 brave individuals who gathered in Philadelphia in 1787 crafted a constitution to establish a strong central government empowered to do certain jobs … Continue reading

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