The Sad Truth About Trump’s Success


History is in the making as we’re experiencing the strangest political behavior ever recorded. The man has zero real political experience, and more importantly, even less experience (or common sense) in foreign policy. Yet, no single newspaper, radio commentator, or conservative Fox News pundit has had the balls to reveal what everyone is thinking – the real reason behind Donald Trump’s surprising support thus far. Frankly, I am amazed Trump himself hasn’t admitted it.

Trump boasts that he “fills stadiums” and “boosts ratings.” Any celebrity who speaks empty promises to frustrated people while embracing public fighting and a circus environment can do that. Betty White could fill a stadium with similar antics.

Trump bastardizes America, criticizing our current Commander-In-Chief as “the great divider.” He repeatedly promises to make America great again. Actually, things don’t appear to be too shoddy right now. Jobs are being created regularly. Oil prices are down. African-Americans are sitting in executive suites and Hispanics with names like Cruz, Rubio, and Sotomayor currently hold some of our nation’s highest political positions. Dark-skinned folks with names like Satya Nadella and  Sundar Pichai are running some of our nation’s largest companies. Food is cheap and plentiful, as evidenced by record levels of obesity and diabetes. People are allowed to speak their mind (as long as it’s not anything remotely resembling anti-Trump rhetoric at a Trump convention). Our economy is still growing, and our current President managed to steer our nation away from a potentially devastating economic disaster, which resulted in current billionaires (like Trump) becoming even more wealthy.

What’s worse is that Trump himself doesn’t have a great track record in paying the working class people he pretends to defend. He’s sued or been sued over 3,000 times as reported by USA Today.

That leaves us to wonder what specifically Trump plans to make “great” again, that isn’t already pretty darn good. To date, no reporter been able to (or is afraid to) nail him down to answer this question. So the real question remains, what’s driving Trump’s surge in popularity? I fear Trump’s “greatness” plan has to do more with military intimidation than economic improvements. After all, military buildups have historically created jobs. Hopefully, those jobs would be domestic and not require the skills of immigrants. But unfortunately, the real reason is psychologically deeper and more menacing.

The real reason Trump survives is because dumb white people think things will get better if there’s a white man in the White House.

The dumbest Americans are convinced that the reason for everything bad that has happened to them personally and throughout history is Barack Obama’s fault. And once Obama is replaced with a white male, things will be happy and perfect and Reaganesque once again. Perhaps Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, and Duran Duran will have hit songs again.


Think about a Trump supporter for a moment. These people won’t vote for Hillary. First of all, she’s a woman. The only thing old white men hate more than a black president is a woman president. They can’t envision any woman as Commander-In-Chief, postulating that she doesn’t have the experience, judgment, or balls to punch someone if and when necessary. And they’ll always remember the debacle in Libya, regardless of the truth and fault.

Secondly, many voters have been trained to envision Mrs. Clinton as an Obama puppet, which might translate into a white woman who acts black, leading to eight more years of a terrible, horrible America.

Plus, how are we supposed to trust a woman who sends classified messages through her Yahoo e-mail account? That’s simply no good, according to Republicans running for their lives. Personally, with all the damaging information a terribly misguided Edward Snowden leaked, I can’t imagine there was anything in her e-mails that wasn’t already public.

Bernie Sanders? Trump’s people are completely convinced Sanders is practically a commie. Rednecks with a high school education (or less) are convinced he’ll give Obamaphones, health care, food, and housing to every person of color so they won’t need to work anymore, leaving white people to pick up the slack. Plus they think Sanders talks funny. To the dummies, Sanders is considered a wasted vote.


What about Cruz? No good – he’s not quite white enough, according to this group of Trump-supporting idiots. That would be the same as having Obama as president again, only slightly lighter-skinned, and we just can’t have any more dark skin in the White House if things are going to get great again.

Personally, I couldn’t believe people were that dumb until I heard old white guys who actually admit they’re convinced that a President Trump is going to get rid of anyone who “doesn’t belong here” and bring jobs back from China and Mexico, making us all wealthy again beyond our wildest dreams. There is no corporation in America that’s going to let that happen, Billy Bob.

Here’s the thing. Even if Trump did miraculously convince the electorate to elect him, there’s only so much a president can do. He can’t make wide and sweeping changes without the cooperation of the House, the Senate, and in many cases, The Supreme Court, all of which have at least a few smart people remaining in their ranks. Chances are Trump would do something stupid and be impeached, leaving us with a President Christie or Palin. And that could be a terrible, horrible scenario.

The real division in our nation is socioeconomic.

Debatable business success does not qualify someone for effective societal leadership. Capitalism thrives on separating men and women from their money using any means possible to acquire as much as you can, and lying and cheating are quite common. It’s the government’s job to ensure everyone is being treated fairly. The wealth divide in our nation has never been wider. Capitalist leadership and a protected citizenry are polar opposites. Bernie Sanders preaches the best game in this environment, although his past connections speak otherwise.

Immigration reform would destroy many families, leaving many menial yet necessary jobs unfilled, and result in a court backlog that might outlast a Trump presidency. Not to mention that aggressive policies would create even worse ethnic divisions in a nation that has always been a melting pot. Don’t be naive and think it will end at Mexicans and Muslims.

Trump’s empty trade promises can’t work. Even a lackluster threat to build our own factories which might ultimately end our delicate manufacturing and trade agreements with Mexico or China might prove disastrous, causing the worst shortages of durable goods we’ve ever seen, along with Venezuela-like inflation. I’m pretty sure dumb white people will be quite upset when they’re forced to spend $75,000 for a Chevrolet Spark or $2,000 for a new iPhone, even if they were somehow earning slightly higher wages.

And Dictator Trump as Commander-In-Chief? Hopefully, you don’t have teenaged sons whom you actually like, because it’s almost certain they’ll be deployed to some remote desert somewhere and probably won’t return home. Want to jumpstart an economy? Follow the Bush-Cheney doctrine and simply start a war. Or two.

Dumb people also skew more religious, leaving things they cannot explain or control in the hands of a mysterious bearded man who lives in the clouds. Ironically, the bearded guy himself, and his Middle-East born Jewish son, are typically depicted as Caucasian, which makes no logical sense. No one, not even African-Americans, ever bought the notion of someone looking like Morgan Freeman as God. Obviously, that was comical to everyone.

Fortunately, the elections held so far are only primaries. Low voter turnout is typical, since more educated voters have actual jobs. A majority of primary voters are campaign supporters and dumb, unemployed, or poorly educated retired old people. And since Trump is more of a celebrity than a politician or a business man, his carnival-like presence attracts a lot of undue interest, mostly from people who bear an uncanny resemblance to a real-life Archie and Edith Bunker.

Educationally, our irrelevant curriculum has damaged everyone through the Boomers. What we need to focus on now is educating our youth. Somehow, during the past few generations, average Americans have lost our minds. Consolidated media ownership has trained us to believe whatever we see on television. And our lives of leisure have allowed us to become fat, dumb, and happy. Think the residents of the Axiom in Wall-E, or the typical 26th century Dax Shepherd in Idiocracy. Friends, we’re almost there, and it’s frightening.

Trump’s candidacy thus far is an embarrassment to American citizens worldwide, and has created an incredibly poor political example for our children who catch glimpses of the news. It needs to end now. Go outside, right now, and read this to a dumb white person. Severe damage has already been done, and there’s no quick fix. Hopefully we can turn a few dummies around before it’s too late. The world has a very short memory, and the faster we can get past this, the sooner we can begin to heal.

Regarding all the candidates, it’s a Hobson’s Choice situation. Absent a miraculous write-in candidate with the marvelously fictional powers of an Antichrist, we’re pretty much screwed for the next four years.




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3 Responses to The Sad Truth About Trump’s Success

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  2. kogeil says:

    Quite honestly, Trump’s election campaign is one of the strangest things I have seen as of late, and I watch reality TV. But you have to hand it to him, the man certainly knows how to disrupt the norm, how to get every single news source talking about him and having him on the headlines. It can sort of overshadow his terrifying views on America’s place in the world or the social change he is trying to bring about. You are spot on with a Trump supporter, and he certainly is hitting his target audience with his election tactics. Without getting into real issues, he is taking a superficial approach that people that follow Trump can digest. The next four years of America seem to be a dark abyss.

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