Three Reasons I Would Not Vote For Trump.

The Republican party couldn’t field a worthwhile candidate this cycle. We were left with the biggest bully with the loudest mouth, and sadly, many very confused and misguided Americans believe he is their savior. He has insulted our politicians, our military, our veterans, our women, and even his own voters. Yet these fools continue to follow him into the fires of Hell. Not all of us are fooled, Donald. Here’s why I could not, in good conscious, give you my vote.


Obviously, by not releasing his tax returns, something every presidential candidate has done over the past 40 years, Trump has something to hide. We don’t know if it’s pertaining to a lack of income or zero charitable contributions. We don’t know if he supports Russian or Chinese businesses. Now that Republicans have allowed this omission to happen, we may never know anything about Trump’s (or any future candidate’s) real financial status. For a candidate who is supposedly selling transparency, he has not allowed his own affairs to be made public. That should be a material fact in everyone’s voting decision. Most people agree that a blatant omission is the same as a lie. I cannot attest that Mrs. Clinton is an honest person, but she is no less dishonest than her opponent. Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.


Children all over America have been taught that taunting and name calling are acceptable behaviors, since those two actions have been embraced by the highest powers in our nation. Trump’s behavior is no less than bullying. We don’t stand for it in our schools, and we should never stand for it in politics. Trump’s narcissistic mentality seems to be widely approved and accepted, and that is a frightening precedent for presidential behavior. Ms. Clinton is cool, calculated, and experienced in foreign policy. She may not always be right, and no one is perfect, but her experience will help her avoid being as wrong in the future.


It is readily apparent that Mr. Trump has less respect for women than his Radical Muslim Terrorist neighbors. He has admitted on camera that celebrities can do whatever they want to women with no worries of retribution. Trump didn’t marry an American woman, settling instead for an immigrant, probably because he believes she is more submissive than an average American woman. The only reason any woman would support Mr. Trump is because she’s a complete idiot, or she’s radically religious and convinced Trump actually cares about unborn children. It’s quite obvious that Trump cares for no one but himself.

It is true the media supports Mrs. Clinton. The average reporter is well educated and well versed in our nations policies, relationships, responsibilities, and our constitution. There is a reason they support Mrs. Clinton – continuity. Things aren’t as awful as Mr. Trump portends. But they could get much worse with an inexperienced nut at the nation’s wheel.

Change is always better if it is instituted gradually. Radical shifts in policy and society typically result in recession, revolution, or war.


About Miso N. Grey

Critical thinker, honest pundit, world shaper.
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