My apologies. My latest work, Nine Wives, Nine Lives, is way behind schedule due to a recent upsurge in my other businesses. That’s a good thing for me, but a bad thing for my desperately seeking readers. I promise, I’ll get back to it as soon as possible. More information on that project can be found at www.misongrey.com.

I’m a thinker. A futurist. A ponderer. A pundit. I’ve been called a socialist, a racist, a hater, and a troll. Know this one thing – all I seek is truth and solutions that work for all of us.

I am the author or Diary of an Angry Father, a must read for any expecting or existing parent. If you want your child to succeed in life, you need to read this book. Yes, it’s angry and extremely sarcastic. But it’s all truth.

In my other life, I am an entertainer and a technology wizard. I’ve had more wives than Tom Cruise and more careers than Donald Trump. You could say I’m pretty darn well-rounded with a PhD’s worth of life experience.

I am also a futurist, as you’ll learn from this blog. My crystal ball is powered up, and it’s showing some amazing things, along with others that are quite dark. Have a look, play a part. We can save this great nation together – but only if we begin NOW.



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