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Trump was right about fake news.

Donald Trump and his rag-tag team of amateur politicians were continually chastised by established media outlets. Their stories were researched and verified, and obviously true. Trump’s life and career have always been well publicized, with most of the the publicity … Continue reading

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Three Reasons I Would Not Vote For Trump.

The Republican party couldn’t field a worthwhile candidate this cycle. We were left with the biggest bully with the loudest mouth, and sadly, many very confused and misguided Americans believe he is their savior. He has insulted our politicians, our … Continue reading

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How to Fix Freedumb.

Freedom is a wonderful thing – but only when it’s fair, and when it follows common sense. One-percenters have more freedom than the other 99 percent of us because they can afford better legal representation, and they have the resources … Continue reading

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They’re Still Killing the Electric Car.

I’ve wondered why every single hybrid or fully-electric vehicle except the Tesla is hideously ugly. Think about it. Toyota’s Prius. Nissan’s Leaf. Chevy’s Volt or Bolt. BMW’s i3. Ford’s C-Max. I had never heard of a C-Max until someone from General … Continue reading

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All Children Left Behind

American education isn’t just bad – it’s figuratively, literally, statistically, comparatively, politically, and unfortunately at times, criminally bad. The 39 brave individuals who gathered in Philadelphia in 1787 crafted a constitution to establish a strong central government empowered to do certain jobs … Continue reading

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Campaign Contributions are Bribes.

Investing in stocks is a heartbeat away from gambling, but we let it happen. Betting on fantasy sports leagues is in fact gambling, and we let it happen. But what’s the fundamental difference between a corporation you own sliding an … Continue reading

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Taxing Problems.

Warren Buffett has publicly admitted his 17% tax rate is lower than his secretary’s. What makes even less sense is that Buffet’s $40 million of taxable income is less than one percent of his reported net worth. To put that into perspective, Barron’s … Continue reading

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The Future of America.

We are about to experience the single biggest fundamental shift in humanity since the machine age. Outsourcing and robots have already displaced countless American jobs, their income, and our pride. As technology accelerates, things are going to get much worse. … Continue reading

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