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I hoped he was smarter than I thought, but Donald Trump has confirmed once again that he is indeed a fucking idiot. If he kept his mouth shut for a minute, people wouldn’t rag on him so badly. The more … Continue reading

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Trump was right about fake news.

Donald Trump and his rag-tag team of amateur politicians were continually chastised by established media outlets. Their stories were researched and verified, and obviously true. Trump’s life and career have always been well publicized, with most of the the publicity … Continue reading

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A Democratic Failure.

On November 9th, 2016, for the second time in 16 years, an American presidential nominee lost an election although that candidate had won the popular vote. I supposed we shouldn’t be surprised, given the state of radical Christian fundamentalism that exists throughout our populace and government. Continue reading

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Conservative Hypocrisy.

You can’t pretend to be a faithful Christian and an anti-government pundit simply because it’s convenient. And you cannot support a pussy-grabbing billionaire narcissist simply because he pretends to give a shit about unborn babies. Continue reading

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The Sad Truth About Trump’s Success

History is in the making as we’re experiencing┬áthe strangest political behavior ever recorded. The man has zero real political experience, and more importantly, even less experience (or common sense) in foreign policy. Yet, no single newspaper, radio commentator, or conservative … Continue reading

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