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Trump was right about fake news.

Donald Trump and his rag-tag team of amateur politicians were continually chastised by established media outlets. Their stories were researched and verified, and obviously true. Trump’s life and career have always been well publicized, with most of the the publicity … Continue reading

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Left, Right, Whatever’s Convenient.

One night while tripping over some shitty political commentary program on Fox News, my kid asked me if we lean left or right. At first, I wondered if he might be the next¬†ambidextrous MLB batting champion. Honestly, I wasn’t sure … Continue reading

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A Day With An Average Republican.

Gary U.S. Republican. When I was a kid, someone asked me what religion I was. I replied, “public.” In the good old days growing up in that horrible armpit called Philadelphia, I thought there were two religions – Catholic, and … Continue reading

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The Sad Truth About Trump’s Success

History is in the making as we’re experiencing¬†the strangest political behavior ever recorded. The man has zero real political experience, and more importantly, even less experience (or common sense) in foreign policy. Yet, no single newspaper, radio commentator, or conservative … Continue reading

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